We are technology transfer entrepreneurs.

The business and technology consultants at Ripple Management assess and prioritize existing and emerging intellectual property. We offer experienced insight about commercialization potential that aligns with your organizational development goals. We bring valuable connections to a wide range of funding sources and domain experts. However, what makes us different is what we do next. We don’t just make introductions to a network of other service providers—we take an entrepreneurial interest in achieving the best outcome for your technology. It might be a sale, it might a license, it might be seeking capital to fund a start-up or any other number of exit strategies. By working with Ripple Management you will be assured of the additional time, resources and targeted expertise you need to achieve your goals.


Ripple Management clients benefit from:

  • A shorter time to market
  • Our impressive track record of success
  • Access to a multi-disciplinary network of domain experts
  • Access to unconventional funding sources
  • Full-service support for private funding and grant proposals
  • Informed analysis of multiple exit strategies
  • The ability to consolidate the technology’s entire lifecycle with one outside partner.


Our services are customized specifically to your needs and your goals. Ideally, we track our involvement from your technology’s inception to its final disposition including services related to:

  • Research and Proof of Principle Funding
  • Invention capture, assessment and protection
  • Business and Development Plans
  • Various disposition options — capital/buyer/licensee matching
  • Recruiting advisors and operational teams

After meeting with you we will prepare a detailed, customized proposal that specifies our recommended action plan and clarifies the ultimate compensation structure.


We earn our consulting fees in a variety of ways, but always in a manner that directly reflects the value we bring to the process. Depending on your needs, we can agree on a compensation structure that reflects a portion of sale proceeds, brokerage fees, an equity stake, a portion of licensing revenue or other mutually beneficial arrangements. In all cases, our fees are tied to the result we’re able to achieve for you. This means there is no upfront cost to justify in your budget.

For clients with more limited needs, we can also work on a fee-for-service basis. This may be advantageous for clients who only need targeted assistance on tactical issues such as a competitive landscape study or consulting on a grant proposal. If it better suits our client’s risk/reward preferences we also consider various combinations of front-end and back-end fee structures.

Client Partnership

Our ultimate goal is a win-win situation that lowers your risk, improves your productivity and helps you reach your goals efficiently while allowing Ripple to participate in the economic opportunity we jointly create.

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