Researchers and inventors are necessarily free to dedicate their time to their discoveries and inventions.  When breakthroughs with commercial potential emerge, we know that it can often be a distraction or a challenge to participate in an administrative commercialization process. Ripple Management works with individual inventors and academic departments to get deals done as quickly as possible, with the most advantageous outcomes that further research objectives. We can partner with your technology transfer office or work directly with you to translate your invention into additional revenue that funds your laboratory or attracts research partnerships. For those more commercially-minded, we have a strong track record for establishing operating business enterprises from university- or independently-developed technology.

Representative Engagements

  • We helped OpenCell, an SBIR phase 1 grant recipient developing a breakthrough transfection device, translate the device’s technical capabilities to effectively communicate the related market opportunity.  The translation helped OpenCell to garner additional state grants.  Ripple built that message into a commercialization plan for a Phase 2 SBIR proposal that was subsequently awarded.  With the help of Ripple’s business acumen, the scientific founders, led by the inventor and former graduate student, can focus on achieving critical technical milestones and proof of principle.
  • We helped electrocardio physicians secure state grants to afford professional assessment and development of their emergency medicine device related to defibrillation.  Although a clear regulatory path was identified and prototype designs were created, it was Ripple’s intellectual property landscape analysis that identified critical, blocking patents owned by a large corporation.  By reviewing the competitive patent landscape, we determined there was no further leverage for the inventors to commit additional time or money, allowing them to focus on new developments.

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