Whether you’re an early stage entrepreneur or an experienced manager, Ripple Management can be a valuable operational partner. We help entrepreneurs with the practicalities of a successful launch including commercial leases, grant management, employment agreements and IP ownership—accelerating their time to market. More experienced business leaders look to Ripple Management to help them break through operational plateaus to generate additional funding, recruit talent, find customers or help them evaluate the most appropriate exit strategies.  Ripple can also provide bridge executive services, filling any gaps in leadership as companies face rapid growth.

A common concern we hear from our clients is balancing their priorities between developing their technology and developing their business. Ripple Management brings clarity and efficiency to this process so you can achieve your goals for both.

Representative Engagements

  • An inexperienced entrepreneur and experienced physician inventor were having difficulty positioning their clinical stage therapeutic discovery, which repurposed a known drug for the treatment of certain sleep disorders.  Ripple helped to identify the critical technical question to answer, supported the physician to design the enabling proof of principal study, and helped the team apply for and secure a state proof of principal grant to support the study.
  • A pre-clinical, virtually operated pharmaceutical company founded by experienced pharmaceutical business leaders needed additional capable hands to manage an escalating list of priority projects, identify other funding opportunies, and to coordinate the work of external CROs and consultants.. Engaging Ripple Management has enabled the company to advance its preclinical candidate, identify additional funding sources such as the Qualifying Therapeutic Discovery Program grant, and to recruit key technical and legal experts.

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