Founded by technology transfer veteran, Jim Heitner, Ripple Management is a uniquely positioned technology commercialization firm. Equally versed in lean entrepreneurship as well as augmenting the efforts of university, government and institutional technology transfer offices as in directly supporting faculty researchers, we apply a truly novel method to your innovation and patent portfolio.

In the traditional model, successful commercialization can be impeded by a number of factors: budget limitations, strained resources, competing priorities and even plain and simple project backlog. Seeking tactical support from multiple specialized consultants is often inefficient because of the additional management burden that coordinating their efforts creates. Ripple Management was born out of the desire to close this efficiency gap and help our clients streamline their process, boost their throughput and increase the revenue their innovations represent.

Our services are not limited to market research, R&D support or access to funding sources. While we are experts in those areas, the hallmarks of our service are that we’re fully engaged with your technology’s entire lifecycle, we’re fully committed to maximizing its potential and we’re fully invested in your success.

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